EB Bookkeeping Services, LLC


Hispanic/Latino Owned Bookkeeping Services Accounting Consulting & Training


 Evelyn Butler, a QuickBooks ProAdvisor with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry 

and 17 years in the accounting industry. After working a variety of jobs, she found stability in the 

corporate world but felt unsatisfied with just waiting for retirement. With many dreams and a lot of 

faith, she made the bold decision to leave her secure job and started EB Bookkeeping Services, a 

successful women-owned business.

Through her own experiences with finances, Evelyn discovered a passion for financial literacy and 

helping others achieve financial freedom. This led to the creation of her motto, "Take care of your 

numbers, and your numbers will take care of you." She loves to help others start building their own 

dreams and achieve financial freedom.

In her free time, Evelyn enjoys reading, cooking, attending conferences, listening to motivational 

podcasts, walking her furry assistances, (Mia & Lio), and traveling the world. As an entrepreneur, she has 

found the secret to enjoying life with freedom of time and money. Contact Evelyn and EB Bookkeeping 

Services to start taking control of your finances and building your own dream today.

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