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The CDI Group, now in our 21st year, is a holistic, strategic, financial services, firm. We work domestically and internationally.

Our first step is to understand what a Business Owner, CEO wants to accomplish. After that, develop a plan and program that is tailored to our Client.

We work with Business Owners and CEO's who want to:

  • Grow &/or further develope their company. Called Corporate Development.
  • Raise Capital: Debt, Equity, Mezz.
  • M&A: Acquire one or more companies &/or Sell their company. Yes, we did both for the same Business Owner at the same time.
  • Valuation: Understand the "value" of their company &/or a company they may want to acquire.
  • Valuation Enhancement: Understand what the "value drivers" and "value detractors" are of their company or a company they are considering acquiring and how to increase the value of their company or a company they are considering acquiring. 
  • Exit Planning: Given enough time to work with, develop & execute an Exit Plan.
  • Succession Planning: For family owned companies wanting to bring a family member(s) into leadership &/or ownership postitions.
  • Referrals: After 21+ years, we know a lot of people. If we do not have the needed skill set, we can work with the Business Owner, CEO to find those who do. We do not give or accept any referreal fees.

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